The research group, Knowledge Reuse, includes researchers from different departments of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Specifically in the departments of Computer Science and Engineering and also Library and Information Science. The group is focused on Reuse, Knowledge Reuse, Knowledge Representation, Knowledge Retrieval, Software Engineering and Systems Engineering.

Recent Highlights

Visiting The Royal Academy of Engineering

A meeting to share knowledge about the challenges and opportunities of the use of big data in the audiovisual sector (Spanish).

See talk on RAI >

Detect traffic accidents on social networks

Social Media Radar research projects monitoring social networks to detect traffic accidents on spanish roads and evaluate relevant of the event. 

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We present OSLC-KM

A knoledge management specification for OSLC-based resources presented in the INCOSE International Symposium.

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Our talk on T3chfest 2017

See our talk on T3chfest 2017 about how to manipulating social networks using big data and social network analysis (Spanish).

See talk on T3chfest >

Focus areas

Knowledge Representation

Bulding tools and standards for next-generation Knowledge Representation systems, from innovations in databases, data formats and distributed data management to the scalable data architectures they enable. 

Social Network Analytics

Harnessing data from the social web to make a positive impact on people and society. Includes developing urban computing systems for monitoring traffic accidents, feedback system for mantaining clients relations and investigation tools for detecting events on social networks.

Distributed systems

Developing methods and models that simply programming and optimize performance for the felixibility, scale and distributed nature of the cloud environment. 

Machine learning

Developing and improving algorithms that help computers learn from data to create more advanced, intelligent computer systems. 

Human language technologies

Linking language to the world through language modeling, language understanding and dialog systems.

Decisions and plans

Reasoning about future events to enable informed collaborations between humans and intelligen agents.