Our Group

The Knowledge Reuse Group

The Knowledge Reuse Group sets its focus in the creation and development of Processes, Technologies, Methods and Tools for the improvement of Systems Engineering Processes through a massive and smart use of semantic technologies and knowledge management. 

Sistems & Software Engineering

Smart V&V, Quality Assessment, Traceability, Systems Reuse, Systems Representation and transformation and SysML/UML.

Information (and Knowledge) REUSE

Knowledge repositories, knowledge Indexers and Retrievers, Ontologies, Inference Engines, Knowledge Reuse and Machine Learning.

Information & Knowledge Engineering

Information Representation, Information Classification techniques, Information Retrieval Models, Big Data and Linked Data.

Knowledge Centric Systems Engineering (KCSE)

We promote the concept of Knowledge Centric Systems Engineering (KCSE) as an evolved version of Model Based Systems Engineering approach. Our proposal for KCSE is based on the principle of the massive usage of Knowledge Organization Systems (KOS) within Systems Engineering. Promote and develop the notion of Systems Knowledge Repository.

Using ontologies

Represent the System Knowledge Repository as a ontology encompasses a representation, formal naming, and definition of the categories, properties, and relations between the concepts, data and entities that substantiate many domains.


Controlled Organizational and Project Vocabulary for a common understanding among stakeholders.


Representation of assets semantic through SRL (System Representation Language).

Conceptual Models and Patterns

Recreate the system architectures in views and models. Represent requirements similarities and enable formal representation.


A combutation of rules, tasks and groups to infer information from valuable assets.

The universal representation schema

Only one type of knowledge representation schema, applicable to all different electronic work-products, interoperable independently of its electronic source, type, origin or metamodel

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