Knowledge-Based Systems applying Artificial Intelligence


The idea of knowledge reuse one of the challenges that organizations need to overcome in order to build better systems or deliver better services, in less time, with less money and more efficiency. This is when Artificial Intelligence becomes an attractive methodology to develop and manage systems or services that are quickly getting more interconnected, with more configurations and variations. The current trends are guiding development and manufacturing techniques into a new paradigm in which digitalization becomes critical, inasmuch as the systems we develop today will be the legacy in 10 years time, we need to move from static heterogeneous systems to Knowledge-Based Systems, in which assets such as curated data or actionable data revamp the efficiency of the development lifecycle.

The dynamism of the market for the development of such complex systems aims to improve ways to formalize and certify system assets among all the stages in the product lifecycle. It is at this point when Artificial Intelligence plays a key role to transform an organization from traditional Requirements Engineering activities to a more efficient approach, which takes advantage of all the knowledge developed among different projects, yet produced in many times with no management, in a disorganized way. This approach will allow the reuse of those existing requirements in new variations of the same systems using AI.


Elena Gallego – The REUSE Company

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