As Smart as a Human? Leveraging models of human intelligence to assess the intelligence of systems.


As we evolve the concept of artificial and machine intelligence, and extend it to the consideration of intelligent systems, it becomes important to be able to assess the intelligence level of a system. This assessment will serve several important needs in systems engineering. First, it will enable the trade off of system design alternatives based on intelligence of the resulting system, along with other factors such as cost and performance. Second, it will influence the methods for verification and validation of the system, and third, it will help stakeholders specify the intelligence of the system they require. Assessing the intelligence of a system presents many of the same challenges and difficulties faced by psychologists and neurologists in measuring the intelligence of human beings. This presentation will explore the various models of human intelligence and learning used in assessing human intelligence and speculate about their applicability to assessing the intelligence of systems.


Barclay Brown – Raytheon

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