Appying AI and NLP to enhance the definition of requirements in a MBSE environments.


Model-Based Systems Engineering is getting more and more familiar within the Systems Engineering discipline. However, textual requirements remain needed for different reasons: communication with some stakeholders must remain as plain text, certification… The coexistence between requirements and models seems to be a must, but mechanisms have to be established to facilitate the consistency between both: textual requirements and the so-called model requirements.
Among these mechanisms, the following are to be discussed in this paper, together with a live demo of a software product:
– Textual requirements authoring using terminology coming from models
– Consistency checking among requirements and models
– Automatic generation of models from textual requirements
– Round-trip synchronization between modelling and requirements tools
– Simulation of textual requirements
In order to accomplish all these tasks, both Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) play a very important role. This paper describes these activities and how AI has made this possible.


José Fuentes – The Reuse Company


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